• Note from the President
    Dave Gardner - President

    Dave Gardner – President

    We have had a rash of cars that were burglarized mostly due to cars being left unlocked. There was even a vehicle that left a hand gun that was stolen. One vehicle was stolen due to leaving the key fob in the car. It was also noted that cars with the garage door openers in them also leave your home open to anyone who gains control of them.

    So please keep your vehicles locked, remove anything that will make you more vulnerable and if you see anyone suspicious please call the Sheriffs Office at 582-6200.

    Have a safe Holiday Season.

  • Salute to Officers & Deputies
    Pinellas County Sheriffs Officers and Deputies

    Pinellas County Sheriffs Officers and Deputies

    The Board of Directors were pleased to present certificates of appreciation at our annual meeting to the Pinellas County Sheriffs Officers and Deputies that serve our community and neighborhood.

  • Hurricane Preparedness


    Hurricane season (June-December) is upon us.  A hurricane is a type of tropical cyclone or severe tropical storm that forms in the southern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and in the eastern Pacific Ocean. A typical cyclone is accompanied by thunderstorms, and in the Northern Hemisphere, a counterclockwise circulation of winds near the earth’s surface.  Take a moment to check your readiness.  We have already had our first storm before the June 1st start.

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