• Mobile Collection Locations

    Mobile Collection Events and the Haz-to-Go Truck are convenient ways to safely dispose and recycle chemicals and electronics, such as old computers, TVs, paint, fluorescent bulbs, or fertilizer. These events and collection sites are FREE to Pinellas County residents. Staff will remove items from your vehicle

    The next local mobile collections are:  

    • Oct. 14 Largo Largo High School, 410 Missouri Ave N

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  • Post Irma Information

    I want to pass on some information on where we stand in our neighborhood.

    1. From my understanding a Duke Representative was in our neighborhood last night and informed Peter that Burning Tree and Baywood’s power should be up by midnight Saturday the 16th. They have to clear a tree first before they can establish power.

    2. I have had contact with the City Manager about the removal of the debris left from the storm and she informed me that the City has a contract with a company that will be scheduled soon to remove it. Additionally, make sure to separate tree branches from lets say lumber or other types of garbage. Also, they will not pick up leaves unless they are bagged.

    I have not heard of anyone in the neighborhood being hurt in the storm so all in all we have a lot to be thankful for.

    David Gardner, President
    Seminole Lake Country Club Estates
    Homeowners Association, Inc.

  • A Neighborhood Watch Program for Seminole Lakes

    March 8, 2017

    Neighbor Watch organizations have evolved over the years and are today primarily communication based entities. The purpose of the Neighborhood Watch is to observe activities in the community and report any activity or behavior that might be deemed suspicious, unlawful or in need of police or emergency assistance.

    It is important to note that the Neighborhood Watch does not patrol the neighborhood. We are not the police. Watch members are urged to never directly engage with individuals that might be behaving in a suspicious manner. Your only duty is to call the police and provide whatever additional information you have to aid them in their investigation. Report suspicious activities using the telephone number: 727-582-6200, do not use 911, that is only to be used for emergencies that require an immediate police response. Continue reading →