The Lake Fund was created by 35 homes around Baywood Park Lake to best manage the shared challenges of having waterfront homes. Our lake is a man-made stormwater pond that collects the contaminated runoff from Seminole Lake Country Club Estates’ peninsula. The pollutants from the lawns, rooftops, pavements, and streets collect and degrade here before entering the bayou and the Gulf of Mexico.  Our homes’ property value is enhanced by the beauty and health of our waterways.

The annual dues are $180/year for the monthly spraying to prevent overgrowth of invasive aquatic plants,
the maintenance of our fountains, and the removal of floating eel grass.  The HOA vote annually to have Seminole Accountants collect the Lake Fund’s dues.  Please mail your “Baywood Lake Fund” checks to 9666 Seminole Blvd, Seminole, FL 33772.

Invasive Aquatic plants: $210/month

Torpedo grass takes over lakes. more info,

Brazilian pepper needs to be removed and treated.

Common nuisance plants are duckweed, torpedo grass, alligator weed, Brazilian pepper, and carrotwood. Nutrients from decaying debris around the neighborhood and fertilizers create algae blooms. To prevent algae blooms, remember to keep debris away from lake (i.e., pet waste, trash, lawn clippings, branches).
Each month, Aquatic Systems sprays the shoreline for invasive aquatic plants. We welcome your input regarding your shoreline. Please contact them at 800-432-4302 or

The Fountains: $100/month

Alligator weed is another common invasive plant.
For info

Our two fountains on the north and south ends of our lake bring elegance and added beauty to our waterfront homes. The fountains run for two hours in the morning and late afternoon.
Duke Energy provides electricity for the fountains. The north motor is located at 8756 Baywood. The south motor is located at 9022 Baywood. Duke Energy requires us to have a $150 deposit for each fountain ($300 total). Automatic monthly payments are made from the Lake Fund’s account at BB&T Bank (5511 Park Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33709).
Contact Peter Gottschling about fountain suggestions or questions (488-4761).

Floating Eel grass removal: $10/hour

Our meadow of eel grass helps keep the water clear.

A healthy lake needs aquatic plants to help filter the runoff, provide oxygen, and stabilize the soil. Our lake uses eel grass to do this. However, dead eel grass needs to be removed otherwise it turns into a pollutant.
Contact Cathy Fricke about removing the floating eel grass (642-0973).



Local celebrity, Jack, saved his cat, Kitty, from a coyote.

we Keep our lake Healthy—TOGETHER
This is your lake. We take care of our lake—together. It is important to report any issues with our lake anytime you see them.
For immediate concerns or volunteering, please contact your following neighbors:
Barbara Salazar (424-3424) for general concerns and questions
Cathy Fricke (642-0973) for eel grass removal
Peter Gottschling (488-4761) for fountain maintenance and Aquatic Systems


Is it a nuisance? Call the Gator Hotline: 866-FWC-GATOR or 866-392-4286

Have you seen a Gator in the lake?
Is it a nuisance?
Call the Gator Hotline:
866-FWC-GATOR or 866-392-4286

To learn about your lake, how to care for it, and further education about landscaping, please contact the Pinellas County Extension Office on Facebook or

Have you seen a Gator in the lake?
Is it a nuisance?
Call the Gator Hotline:
866-FWC-GATOR or 866-392-4286